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2 shaft 300 mm mini bopp tape slitter machine

2 shaft 300 mm mini bopp tape slitter machine

This Mini slitter rewinder machine is suitable for slitting and rewinding kinds of adhesive tapes rolls from wide rolls into smaller rolls as requested. Such as the BOPP Tape, masking tape, double sides tape etc.

DC motor to control the rotate of the shafts.
Machine speed can be adjusted according to different type material.
Machine with length counter, you can set the required length. Very high precision.
You can stop the machine in any time by E Stop button.
Rewinding shaft are driven by DC motor, can change speed very well.
Length counter on operate panel, that makes set length very accurate.
Max unwind width 300 mm, Max unwind diameter 350 mm
Max. rewind diameter 250 mm, Min. slitting width 12 mm.
I.D of paper core 3"
Slitting with razor knife/air knife