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Masking Tape Slicer Machine Manufacture

Masking Tape Slicer Machine

This machine is suitable for cutting various materials such as PVC, OPP, PE, Crepe paper, Double side tape etc.

1.Touch screen control panel.
2. Control panel provides major functions: material and blade running speed, width counter, number of cuts counter (LED touch screen operation).
3. Cutting width setting up controlled by servo motor adjustable equipped with ball screw to secure accurate size.
4. PLC programmable control.
5. Two axes are simultaneously cut and equipped with an automatic flip system, which greatly improves work efficiency.


Machine Model HIROBA - 350mm
Cutting diameter 350mm
Cutting speed 35cuts/min
Cutting precision ±0.05mm
Max. length of cut 1600mm
Paper core I.D. 32-76.2mm
Cutting width 3-1600mm
Blade diameter 150-350mm
Blade speed 360-1800rpm
Weight 1150kg
Machine dimension(L*W*H) 3100mm*1500mm*1700mm
Power source 380V 50HZ 3PHASE
Air source 5KG (prepared by user)