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500 Semi Automatic Stretch Film Slitter and Rewinder

This Machine is safe and easy to operate, it's make the winding material more even and solid the anti puncture is better after contact with air.
The unit is suitable for stretch film, wrapping film, casting film and preservative film to rewind.
Semi automation: this is semi auto machine. It can count the meter automatically.
Multi function: the machine combine rewind and slitter together.
The machine is easy to operate, flexible to adjust, small noise, is a ideal cost performance one.
The Unit can counter the meter and stop at right time automatically.
The unit can rewind / slitter stretch film and cling film.


Model HIROBA 500
Width of parent roll 300-500mm
Main motor power 5 hp
Small motor power 2 0.7 KW/1 hp /.75hp
Mechanical Linear speed(max) 200-600m/min
Stretch film loading mode By manual
Paper core specification of mother roll 3"
Paper core specification of sub roll 3" , 2" , 1.5"
Overall dimension (L x W x H) 1.5 M x 1.2 M x 1.4 M
Weight 800-850 kg